Adventure Won’t Wait

Today Marc advises Paul - a first-time entrepreneur who hasn’t let the pandemic tank his ambitious and well-funded business plan. But as he races towards the opening of his indoor adventure park (with beer!), Paul needs some insight on how to make all the parts of his life work -- experience that Marc has in spades.

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#3: Adventure Won’t Wait

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Marguerite Faure
11 months ago

This episode was incredibly relatable and I love what you have said about culture and family. How would you work on creating a culture outside of work? I’ve recently stepped full-time into videography, with the ultimate goal of being a filmmaker. I’ve had a shot in the dark in some attempts of “short films” but I’ve been creating more YouTuber-type content. This has been helpful though as I’ve been able to embrace the learning curve of scripting, editing, acting, directing, and producing my own videos. However, I’m about to start a family, and I’ve struggled with wondering whether it is selfish for me to dream this big when I become a mother. I’ve got the most supportive husband in the world though. The way how you talk about your wives is how I celebrate my husband- he’s the best! But my ambition does not sit well with others who have a fixed idea of what a wife and mother should do which makes real life a little tricky with balancing who I am and who people expect me to be. This episode gave me insight and perspective on what is important while not giving up on my dream of being a filmmaker. I would love insight though on what I could do though to manage expectations of people who have good hearts, but a little bit of a judgemental way of expressing their opinions. I wish it didn’t affect me, but I do sometimes wonder if I’m being selfish in still chasing after my dream. Ps- Date nights for the win 🙂