COVID-Friendly and Ready to Rally

David has proven that his COVID-friendly recreation business - on-demand table tennis - can thrive in one of the most expensive cities in the world: New York. Now, it’s time to scale. So what’s the best way forward? Is it real estate investment, franchising or something completely different? Tune in to hear how Marc plays it out.

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#4: COVID-Friendly and Ready to Rally

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10 months ago

Very Intresting and Informative talk!

Dean Douglas
5 months ago

Thank you Marc and David for an excellent episode. Two points that came to mind that I thought worth sharing and keeping in mind with respect to this business.

First, on the cautionary side, it was something Warren Buffett said when asked about businesses he invests in (paraphrased), “ I look for companies that have a moat of protection around them. For example, intellectual property or some sort of unique edge over competitors.”

I bring this point up because after listening to this episode I thought, this is such a great business and I could literally go out and duplicate it. I could take out a loan, find a commercial space, renovate and start the same business in a short amount of time.

The second point is around entrepreneurs or want to be entrepreneurs, ‘fear of sharing their great idea because they think someone is going to steal it’…and that almost never happens. So take the first point with a grain of salt but do consider ways to ‘build a moat around this business idea’ if possible.

Thanks for sharing!