From Contractor to Entrepreneur

Evan is a young man who dreams of houses built by robots. But he’s not some silicon valley disruptor looking to replace human labor with AI-powered machines; he’s a contractor and builder himself, all too familiar with the inefficiencies in traditional construction. Now he wants to turn his dream of robot-assisted development into a reality, and he’s turning to Marc to find the best way to fund this vision - starting with the building of his own home.

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#6: These Houses Won’t Build Themselves

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John Michael Colich
John Michael Colich
8 months ago


I recently started my own real estate developement company called Conscious Communities and I am also extremely intersted in the 3D printing construction space. I have the ability to fund your project and can help you evaluate your bussiness venture from a more financially analytical perspective.  I’d love to chat and see if there’s a path forward for us to work together.

Please reach out to me if you see this.