Just One More Lap, Then I’ll Stop

Like summiting Mt. Everest, succeeding as an
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Dear Friends,

Like summiting Mt. Everest, succeeding as an entrepreneur is an overwhelming task.

Getting to the top can feel impossible from where you stand at the start. Your ultimate objective can be miles away and you probably can’t even see the actual summit. Most of the route is obscured, and what you can see appears to be blocked by uncrossable rivers and unclimbable cliffs.

And like Everest, if you fixate on the immensity of the goal, you’ll never take that first step.

But there is a freedom that comes from focusing on immediate goals rather than distant ones. Possibilities open up when you stop thinking about the future and instead live in the present. And by focusing on the immediate task at hand — getting around the next corner, over the next ridge, even just taking the very next step — you can make it up the mountain, even if it’s shifting beneath your boots.

My most recent blog post explains why I’ve found that incremental approach is almost always the best way of taking on apparently insurmountable challenges – and how we approached this while building Netflix.  You can read it here.

Today, with Covid presenting new challenges to nearly every business, the strategy of focusing on what is just in front of you is more important than ever.  We can’t clearly see where we are going, nor how long it may take us to get there.  All we really can do when facing such an opaque future is take the same approach we might take when climbing Everest: just focus on putting one step in front of another.  And if we can do that, then I promise … eventually we’ll get there.

All the best,


P.S. Read the full story of “One More Lap, Then I’ll Stop” in my latest blog post. (It’s a 4 minute read.)


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