Some Things Just Can’t be Delegated.

When it comes to hiring, if you want something done right, you’re going to have to do it yourself.

When you get right down to it, a CEO only has three responsibilities.  

– Set the direction of the company.  

– Don’t run out of money.  

– Build a great team.

Most CEOs have no trouble recognizing that the buck stops with them when it comes to setting strategic direction and raising money.  So why do they think they can delegate that third – and arguably most important – responsibility to someone else?

If you are building a team and really want the best, you can’t delegate.  Finding great people is not your board’s job, it’s not your investor’s job, it’s not your HR department’s job, and for god’s sake, it’s not a recruiter’s job.  It’s your job.  

It needs your direct attention because that amazing person you’re looking for almost certainly isn’t looking for you.  They aren’t looking for a new job.  They are quite happy where they are.  If you want them, you must go get them.

And here’s the best way I’ve found to do it. Start taking names.  

Reach out to the smartest people you know and ask, “who are the five best people you know who are doing this job?” Do that with three people and that’s your list.  Don’t let them limit their list to people who are out of work or who they think might be looking.  You want to know the best – not the available best.

Now go get ‘em.

Do you think you’re a great salesperson?  Well prove it. Use all your powers of persuasion to make the case that coming to work for you will be the smartest and most gratifying thing they’ve ever done.

I promise: the companies that have an exceptional bench of talent didn’t get there accidentally.  Someone – most likely one of the founders – worked hard at it.  

And if you fall short (which you will often – because remember, these people are not looking) just close your call with “who are the five best people you know who are doing this job?”  And off you go again. 

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