May 15, 2022

#50: Does it Take Money to Make Money?

Undercapitalized but Poised for Growth.



Take a listen as I sit down (virtually) with budding entreprenuers, as we talk through their challenges and identify their blind spots. Tune in to find out how to make your "impossible" vision a reality.

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  27:36 May 17, 2022

#50: Does it Take Money to Make Money?

How to Know When You’re Ready to Raise
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  36:21 May 10, 2022

#49: Using Sampling to Unleash Your Niche!

What on Earth is World Schooling?
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  32:31 May 03, 2022

#48: Can Free Consumable Products Make Big Profits?

Defying Gravity With a New Ad Sales Approach.
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  33:51 April 26, 2022

#47: Could This Rival Kumon?

When Closing Brick & Mortar Presents Bigger Opportunity
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  31:04 April 19, 2022

#46: Can you Create a Repeatable, Scalable Business When Your Business is You?

Could this be the Dry Bar of Headshots?
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  29:07 April 12, 2022

#45: Betting your Idea will Disrupt the Market? Here’s what You Need to Know.

Can Sports Betting Really be Revolutionized Again?
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  22:40 April 04, 2022

#44: Could This be the World’s Youngest Start-up?

How to foster entrepreneurship at the youngest level.
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  30:03 March 29, 2022

#43: Did Marc just get Career Envy?

How to give your personal adventure mass appeal.
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   March 22, 2022

#42: Data Driven by Design

The secret to using data to inspire creativity.
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  30:47 March 15, 2022

#41: Super Coffee: How to Scale Culture in a Family Business

You’re the Founder - Big Bro is the CEO.
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  32:13 March 08, 2022

#39: How to Sell a Product Before you Make It.

Strategies for becoming a successful inventor-entrepreneur.
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  28:11 March 08, 2022

#40: Can a Product Aimed at Classrooms Turn a Profit?

It’s fly or flop for this educational drone company.
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   February 28, 2022

#38: Marketing a Minibar for Meds

Make Sure You Know What Your Customer Wants Before You Build Something To Sell To Them
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  29:28 February 21, 2022

#37: Repeat After Me: Ideas, Not Apps

Navigating The 'Idea Stage' Without Breaking The Bank
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  32:54 February 14, 2022

#36: Finding The Backbeat For Your Budding Business

Tuning Up Your Pandemic Pivot To Make a Steady Profit
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  34:18 January 31, 2022

#35: Started in the Garage and Now We’re Here

Getting Your Startup Out of the Garage and Into The Showroom
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  32:25 January 24, 2022

#34: Arming David To Take on Goliaths

How To Unseat a Tech Titan
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  32:49 January 17, 2022

#33: Life After Launch

What Happens After You Launch a Successful New Business?
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  31:11 January 10, 2022

#32: It’s Only a Service if People Will Pay For It

Customers On Both Sides, But Who Will Foot The Bill?
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  30:28 January 03, 2022

#31: If The Shoe Fits, Sell It

Origin Story Alone Won’t Move Units
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  30:33 December 27, 2021

#30: When Ramping Up Your Business Means Blowing Up Your Model

Changing Your Model Without Blowing It Up
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  29:49 December 20, 2021

#29: Think Big But Start Small

Make Sure Your Big Idea Does What You Want It To Do
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  30.38 December 13, 2021

#28: The Most Important Decision? Deciding Who You're Building For

The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make
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  28:25 December 06, 2021

#27: Perfecting the Art of Gift-Giving - And Receiving

Personal Jewelry Shopper Kat is Looking to Expand Her Customer Base
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  23:45 November 29, 2021

#26: From Service to Product and Back Again

Juan is Exploring Whether Traditional Business Consulting Can Be Optimized via an App
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   November 22, 2021

#25: No Time In The Penalty Box

Marc Mentors a Hockey Coach Who’s Taking a Few Knocks as He Launches His Business
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  29:58 November 15, 2021

#24: A Metaverse of His Own

Metaverse Studio Owner Jak is Ready To Take His Massive Audience Outside The Walled Garden
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  31:56 November 08, 2021

#23: A Solution In Need of a Market

Contractor JR has a great solution; now let’s find his market
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  29:01 November 01, 2021

#22: Self-Made in Every Way

Fashionista Seville Wants To Expand Her Successful Jewelry Line
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  22:35 October 25, 2021

#21: No Storm Can Stop Him

Staring Down a Literal Tornado, Mark Calls In To Discuss His Insurance Claim App
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  27:50 October 11, 2021

#20: A Better Way To Help Survivors

Leanne Seeks Funding For a Bold Non-Profit to Help Assault Survivors
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  31:45 September 27, 2021

#19: A Device That Could Save Lives

BioTech Veteran Robert’s Device Could Save Lives
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  27:08 September 13, 2021

#18: Sneakerheads Unite!

Kemar is ready to grow his peer-to-peer sneaker marketplace
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  33:05 August 30, 2021

#17: Finding Your Funding

Claudia Seeks Funding For Her 'Uber For The Disabled' Business
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  38:48 August 16, 2021

#16: Architecting Life’s Biggest Moments

"The Architect," Who Designs Bespoke Urban Adventures, Asks Marc How To Scale Himself
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  34:11 August 09, 2021

#15: Keeping The Smile Squad Happy

Marc Helps Smile Squad Founder Markian Keep His Team Happy
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  35:45 July 19, 2021

#14: Distractions Be Gone!

Jessica's Pandemic-Launched Kickboxing Biz is Expanding Fast - Now What?
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  33:22 July 05, 2021

#13: The Man Who Would Be Pepper King

Mike Wants To Be The Pepper King
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  26:44 June 21, 2021

#12: Who is Your Customer?

Marc Coaches Tim To Think Bigger
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  39:32 June 07, 2021

#11: The Culture of Success

Helping Joe's Behavioral Marketing Company Enhance Their Culture
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  31:34 May 24, 2021

#10: Getting Into a Subscription Frame of Mind

Joseph is Ready To Take His Hypnosis Business To The Next Level
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  26:23 May 10, 2021

#9: Every Great App Starts as a Great Idea

Marc Gives CFO-Turned-Entrepreneur Erik An App Reality Check
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  39:45 April 26, 2021

#8: The Business of Being Unemployed

Adriel Wants To Ramp Up HIs Business Serving The Unemployed
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  31:42 April 12, 2021

#7: Taking The Stigma Out of Erotic Art

Selling Erotic Art Online
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  30:27 March 30, 2021

#6: These Houses Won’t Build Themselves

From Contractor to Entrepreneur
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  38:56 March 15, 2021

#5: Walmart or Bust

Socket Lock-It's Caitie Ponders Her Big Walmart Deal
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  37:43 March 01, 2021

#4: COVID-Friendly and Ready to Rally

Table tennis on demand?
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  33:16 February 17, 2021

#3: Adventure Won’t Wait

Indoor Adventure Park with Beer?
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  36:35 February 10, 2021

#2: Always Leave Them Crying

Blowing Away The SciFi Superfans
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  28:32 January 25, 2021

#1: Home Care Meets Ride Share

An Uber For Home Health Care?
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  03:09 January 20, 2021

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