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A brilliant new podcast from a business legend

Marc is new to podcasting. But he is not new to business. This podcast isn’t for everyone. He didn’t create it for everyone. But if you are an entrepreneur looking for ideas on how to get your new adventure off the ground...or just a business owner looking for new ways to add spark to your need to listen to this podcast. It’s short, perfect for your morning commute, and the perfect way to start a day. Thanks for doing this Marc!


Very motivating, different perspectives

This podcast has already been very motivating to me. Marc takes these “big” problems and simply sees them through different eyes. But the eyes he uses are very different. His perspectives make problem solving a non issues and a path forward very clear. I can’t wait to hear more!!

Dave Hopper

Bingeworthy page turner

I loved this book! It's a fun quick read full of anecdotes and easy writing. As I read the book, I felt like I was a fly on the wall and could grasp what Marc was talking about.


“That Will Never Work” is the epitome of what it means to be a entrepreneur.

This is the first time I am leaving a review for a book I purchased on Amazon. “That Will Never Work” was one of those books where I just didn’t want to put it down. I can’t say I binge watch Netflix, however I can definitely say that I binged read this book. “That Will Never Work” is an incredible story of perseverance and resilience. I would go as far to say that it’s one of the most captivating and mesmerizing books that I’ve read regarding the creation of a tech company when everyone is telling you the idea will never work and then, against all odds, pulling it off in the end.

Wally Bock

Great show!

Marc, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!


Great podcast

I loved the first two podcasts but I was a little disappointed with the third one about the adventure park. I really felt Marc should have drilled down more below the surface level like he has done in the past. Perhaps ask the founder how he has determined his pricing. Are their membership options? What is their marketing plan for letting the public know who they are? Social media campaigns? Unique challenges they’ve faced during construction process? I don’t know. Maybe it was too early to do this podcast.


Really f*ing good

Such a fun intimate way to get creative/problem-solving juices flowing. Thank you!


Great book. Story of a remarkable success.

Firstly, everyone knows Netflix. It is the ultimate in immediately available entertainment. But, this is the story of how it came to be by the person who conceived the idea and made it happen. Fascinating business read. Really enjoyable start to finish.

Sherman Brodkey

Problem solving

Great discussions about problem solving, focus, land mines and shiny objects. Everything necessary for good business, aside from startups. If Dr. Robert Cade (creator of Gatorade) were alive today, this would align with his approach to life.


Lovin’ this!

Listening to each episode! It’s free food for thought and I’m learning something each time. Even the ideas that seem kinda out there or difficult to realize offer unique strategic thinking to the process of any business. Thus, I’m really grateful to have discovered Marc’s good will and intentions in the world. I mean it’s not like he’s getting paid for this… wait—is he getting paid for this?? Lol. I hope so. That’s why we’re all here. Thank you for these podcasts!

Reckless Video

Straightforward clear advice!

I love how well Marc clearly communicates and sees what is going on in the biz! So powerful to have his eyes and brain answering the questions of new entrepreneurs!

Samantha Eve Nivens

Extremely practical

I am so thankful for this podcast. Please make more episodes!!


Super Insightful

So helpful as I build and grow my business.

Frederic Terral


This book was very easy to read and engaging the whole time! Learned so much about how Netflix was founded and what it takes to build a great company. Highly recommend.


Start-up wizard

Marc is an amazing advisor and coach to start-up founders. He can cut to the heart of the issue in a 30min timeframe and do so accurately! A great podcast for entrepreneurs and dreamers!

Jessica Yarmey

Fascinating insights

Each episode has a different insight and a different angle—fascinating!


A must listen!

I love this podcast. I binged all of the episodes immediately. Marc is such a great narrator and I love his outlook on business. Definitely listen to it!



Probably one of the top podcasts I’ve heard. I’ve heard a lot of them, too.

Mr Drewdog


This not a dry business book. This is an engaging tale from a very talented author who happened to be co-founder for one of the most successful start- ups in history. Highly recommend for anyone interested in this topic or who just likes a great story told by an excellent writer.

Kindle Customer

I love this podcast!!

Marc is wonderful, down to earth, and brilliant. I can’t stop listening to his podcast! I’m so grateful that his content is so cutting edge! Thanks!!

Dawn Melody

Loved it, quick read.

Marc Randolph does a great job of making you visualize the unfolding of the story. He is also a funny guy and you'll get a few good laughs throughout the book. I've read a lot of autobiographies and memoirs recently, and this has to be my favorite. Good, light book. Inspirational indeed.

Anthony Rodriguez

Exceptionally well written

I have read a lot biographies about entrepreneurs and prominent leaders and I have to say that this book I so enjoyed reading because it had Marc's heart in it. Thank you Marc for sharing an inspiring story of perseverance and dedication 👏 it is something to aspire to.

L Power

How’s this for free???

This is gold! Thank you Marc !


Persistence pays

I’ve always admired Netflix as the best company for seeing the future coming and diving into it before it arrives, especially when your company is already at the top in its category. Reading the history of their analytics and decision making is eye opening. Every entrepreneur, board member, and CEO will greatly profit from reading this story.

Rod M.

Love how real this show is

Love listening to how raw and real Marc and his guests are

Mariah T.

Fast fun read!

A well told memoir, the story flows along at a breakneck pace. I love Netflix and I've been a longtime customer, so I was very interested to read this story when I came across the Blockbuster excerpt online.


"School For Billionaires!"

Even with Marc's amazingly successful business adventures he is incredibly easy to understand and relatable while he shares experiences that not only inform but inspire up and coming entrepreneurs. For someone like myself who is not satisfied with a 6 or even 7 figure business this is the type of podcast I have been looking for! Knowledge and experience driectly from someone who has actually created a billion dollar business from nothing! I am so excited to hear more!

CJ Brodhead

Great read for startup junkies

As a serial startup guy, there wasn’t necessarily a ton of new or groundbreaking facts in this book. However, it’s a great story and definitely gets the entrepreneurial juices flowing!

Anthony Argenziano

Anthony Steel

Magnificent podcast! The amount of value, inspiration, motivation and sobering content in this podcast is priceless for the individual that has an idea that they believe can change the world! Marc has been there and done that! Getting his feedback is invaluable I’m a true fan! Thank you!

Trojans Oceanside

It delivered

I got from this well written book, much more than what they made me think I will get. It was a fantastic experience to learn how a simple and awkward idea can metamorphose into what Netflix is today. It's almost unbelievable. I couldn't stop reading.

Kindle Customer

Fun read

I loved the author’s easily readable style and his ability to make Netflix’s history, complicated as it was, clearly understandable.

L. Snyder

Awesome new podcast - add it. Watch out Guy Raz and Gary V!

This is a refreshing new podcast by Marc Randolph, creator and co-founder of Netflix. Marc’s got a genuine curiosity, he’s authentic and this is a very well thought out podcast. Listening to the first 2 episodes today, loving them. Super intersesting premise with this podcast too - Marc is featuring entrepreneurs who need wisdom on their path and next steps.

Ken Sterlimg

Quick easy read and enjoyable

I really enjoyed the book. Some very interesting information on how Netflix got started and survived. As an entrepreneur it's great to learn from.

Michael J. James III

Very insightful and useful conversations and advice

I came here from Marc’s interview with Tim Ferris’s, and now I can’t wait to hear more of these episodes. I like the practical advice, as I am growing my own business, and I like how Marc digs deeper into the problems and simplifies the solutions. Cheers and keep at it!


Great resource for the aspiring entrepreneur!

As someone with many absurd (and not so absurd) business ideas, this podcast really resonated with me! Expect business insights and inspiration from Marc as he breaks down why various business ideas may or may not succeed.

Elsie Brotherton


Excellent! I loved the way he tells the story, I laughed and learned from the experiences told. I enjoyed it. Highly recommended

Gunther Mejia

I love this book

I learned that the story successful companies tell is not the whole truth. It takes so much more to bring an idea to life. I want to thank Marc for being so honest.

Wannabe sailor

Great book, great story!

I really enjoyed this book. There are some awesome stories in this book, and lots of lessons about business and life. Fast, easy read by a talented, smart, hilarious guy.


Refreshingly practical

Thoroughly enjoy how insightful and practical Marc is with guests. Plus the podcast production is quality!

Barrett Cordero

Very entertaining and truthful

Mark is very honest in his experiences developing a startup during a crazy dot-com era in Silicone Valley. He truly is a talented entrepreneur and family man.


Fabulous book - reads like a novel

Couldn’t put it down. Crazy to see how something we consume every day got its start. And put major corporations out of business.


Inspiring and easy read. Good info on strategies and mistakes

Great book. As an entrepreneur, it's great to read along and see similarities and differences in startup life and how successful entities handled difficulties through creativity, resourcefulness, and perseverance


Super cool story

Great story, narrated in a super interesting way

Amazon Customer

Great lessons for any one with ideas, and that’s everyone

Best lesson from this book is “just start”! Everyone has ideas, it’s the ones that do some thing with those ideas that make a difference in the world.

Amazon Customer

Great book if you like behind-the-scenes type stories

Well written and interesting to read. A great behind-the-scenes look at an innovative company.

Kindle Customer

Easy, entertaining and informative

Love the way this is written. Easy read and so many nice pieces of advice. Marc is a great storyteller! Highly recommended!

Amazon Customer

Amazing book

What a great story....!! The book was hard to put down so I read it in two days..thanks for a wonderful history about people involved in Netflix

barbara leckenby

Love This Book - Great Story

Mark writes his story really well, its very true to life I'm a huge fan!

Nunya Business

Loved it!

Great read. Must for entrepreneurs.


Very Good Book

Really gives you a sense of the startup culture and way of life in Silicon Valley

Rhonda Noell

Trial & error testing to find a way through their start-up

Trial & error testing to find a way through their start-up


Read it

Inspiring and funny along the way. Great read!

Kindle Customer

Ready for more

I listened to all 3 episodes and loved it. It’s genuine like the Marc I know - which is refreshing. No buzz words, human and a fun insightful discussion. I worked with (for) Marc at Netflix and post Netflix and listening to him here reminds me of how great it was. Engaging, honest, focused. Just missing the bottle of wine that often goes with it. Cant wait for episode 4 and beyond.


Well told story of building a company

Great book. As a business owner it’s great to hear about the evolution of successful companies. This book does a wonderful job of doing that.

Jude R Severin

5.0 out of 5 stars An Honest and Inspiring Story

Randolph gives a candid behind the scenes account of his experience building Netflix. Gritty, vulnerable, and heart felt. A worthwhile read for any aspiring entrepreneur or anyone who wants to know what it's really like to work at a startup.


How Netflix Was Built

Enjoyable read. Great insight into the making of Netflix.

The Rog

Incredible read!

For anyone wondering how Netflix got its start, or the intimate details of starting your own company, this book is for you! Truly inspiring story that will encourage you to keep dreaming and keep trying.

Sab F

Wonderfully Honest and Inspiring

Being fortunate to hear Marc speak at an event a couple of years ago, reading the book in the tone he delivers, brings a warmth and openness of the genuine person he is and the balanced values of business and family. Great story and lessons to learn.

Matthew Rowan

One of those books you don't want to end

I just received this book and I'm enjoying every single page of it


Good book

Good book

Veronica Poindexter

Stick to the Plan with Perseverance

Good read to know the humble beginnings of Netflex........ Great encouragement to "stick with it", if you have an idea that meets the needs of others.

David E. Lobacz

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended!

Just finished reading. Incredibly engaging, a very good read. Highly valuable lessons, incredible stories told very well. Highly recommended!

Amazon Customer

Great story for any aspiring entrepreneur

Marc’s candid and down to earth recounting of Netflix’s winding path to success is a powerful archetype for the founder journey - it’s inevitably a rollercoaster and you have to be in it for the ride - nothing else.

Amazon Customer

Good book for thoughts about excution of ideas

He shows us his journey at Netflix and encourage us to make our dreams/ ideas come true. The road will be bumpy but pay off at the end.

Lương Quang Hà

5.0 out of 5 stars Honest,complete and personal view

An honest,complete and personal view on how Netflix started.a very good book and roadmap for any startup or dream in the making company. Closing off with nice lessons learned and great advice

peter de tender

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