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How to submit the perfect voice recording

Some tips to help you submit a great proposal

1. This is not a pitch!

Although I know you’re excited about your idea, you don’t need to sell me on it. I’m really just interested in what you’re working on. I don’t need to be convinced that it will change the world, make a ton of money, or disrupt an 18 gazillion dollar category. What’s much more important to me is who you are, and that you have an interesting problem you’re looking for help with. Remember – you’ve only got 2 minutes: please don’t spend 90% of that time telling me how great your business is, and then no time explaining what you want to actually talk about.

2. Audio quality counts

Use a mic if you have one. If you’re on your phone, don’t record your message from your car or from a rush-hour subway platform. I’m truly interested in hearing everything you’ve got to say, but that’s all for naught if I can’t hear or understand you.

3. Keep it Short

Believe it or not, the more concise the recording, the better. As much as I would love to hear about the detailed inner workings of your business (or about each of your pets) let’s save that for the actual podcast. For this, please focus on what you think is absolutely essential. All I really need to know is what you’re working on and what you want to talk about, and maybe (just maybe) a little glimpse of your personality.

4. Be genuine

As you know, the podcast isn’t a pitch – it’s a conversation, so in addition to wanting to understand your business and what you’re struggling with, I want to know who you are. Please speak normally. I’m trying to understand what it will be like talking to you in an unscripted way – not what you sound like when you’re reading a memorized presentation. (And as much as it may seem superficial, energy has a lot to do with it. Pre-caffeinate if needed.)

5. Be Articulate

Sometimes our nerves get the best of us. What we thought sounded like a well put-together summary, might actually end up sounding like a level 5 word problem. If you’re not sure whether you’re coming across clearly, have a friend or coworker listen to your recording and pass along feedback. Those extra ears could make a big impact on the quality of your recording.

6. Netflix & Chill

We are all entrepreneurs because we enjoy the journey; therefore, have a good time with this! This is meant to be an amazing experience… not a stressful one. Plop down on your couch, pour yourself a glass of wine (*this is a judgement free zone*) and get to recording.

I cannot wait to hear from you…

If you are looking for a great example, listen to this recording:

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