Joseph, a best-selling author, is pretty far along with his business: a vertically integrated hypnosis brand comprised of a podcast, an app and some a la carte offerings. But like many an entrepreneur, he’s ready to take on the big fish in the space. Could a subscription model be the way to go? Tune in to hear Marc’s thoughts on the subject.

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#10: Getting Into a Subscription Frame of Mind

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8 months ago

Another great episode. I think Joseph’s concept is something that is relevant now, more than ever. The subscription model could be a game-changer for his company. Best of luck to you, Joseph. I think their discussion about investors and raising capital is an important one and one that is often overlooked. I think most start-ups want to rush into raising capital but often overlook the responsibility that comes along with that. Is the best way to try and do as much as possible on your own dime, before asking for an investment from a VC?

gene haba jr
gene haba jr
7 months ago

Subscription models work best when you have powerful network-effects. But there are other models. How about a shared-stored usage-based transactional model where you also control payments especially on mobile.