Episode 36

Finding The Backbeat For Your Budding Business

Tuning Up Your Pandemic Pivot To Make a Steady Profit

February 15, 2022 • 32 min

As we settle into life in a (hopefully) post-pandemic world, there are a ton of newly launched businesses that are facing a pivot point. These are the entrepreneurs for whom ‘going remote’ was a boon – and now it’s time to figure out if that was a blip or the start of something bigger. In the case of today’s guest, Dustin, a professional drummer with the indie pop band St. Lucia, his drum lesson studio expanded its purview and looks to be poised for success. Marc has some great thoughts on how Dustin should approach his next step in the exploding music education segment, and it’s a primer for anyone who’s ready to turn the volume up on their own company.

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