Episode 39

How to Sell a Product Before you Make It.

Strategies for becoming a successful inventor-entrepreneur.

March 8, 2022 • 32 min

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Grad student Ivana needs Marc’s help to figure out a big decision – should she spend $10,000 on a mold for her time saving lab tool Flasky? Or is there a better way?

Her uniquely shaped flask-cleaning tool could save labs everywhere hours in cleaning time and thousands of dollars in drug wastage, benefitting the development of everything from painkillers to cancer drugs. But how does she convince a sector that has become accustomed to ignoring the problem she’s seeking to solve, to buy in without breaking the bank in the process?

Listen in as Marc shares his strategies on how to become a successful entrepreneurially minded product inventor.

This episode is part of a two-episode special drop to celebrate International Women’s day, featuring student entrepreneurs from High Point University, North Carolina. Be sure to check out our second episode with education major Erin Morrow where Marc explores how to get her drone company Finger Flyer onto the flight path to success.

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