Episode 52

Start-Up Stress Special: Mental Health for Founders

How do I Know if it’s Time to Quit?

May 31, 2022 • 46 min

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When you look at social media it seems like founders all live like rockstars. But this belies the reality. The truth is, being a founder can be one of the toughest, loneliest tasks you’ll ever face. It’s not just the long hours and financial pressures… studies show three quarters of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health issues.

So why isn’t Start-Up Stress more talked about? And when you’re facing it, what should you do about it? Can you ever admit you’re having mental health issues to your investors or to your team?

These important topics are what Marc explores with this week’s guest, Diego Chavez, founder of app Local Contact, along with the guest expertise of therapist and best-selling author Susan Zinn.

Listen in for instantly actionable tips to improve your workday stress and how to approach big questions if you’re hitting the wall – how to know if you should push through or if it’s time to take a break or even quit?

For more information on Mental Health Awareness, go to NAMI.org.

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