Episode 64

Did it Work? Catch Up Special: Bolder Adventure Park

Find out what Founders do with the Advice they get and What new Questions Arise as a Business Evolves

August 16, 2022 • 23 min

Have you ever wondered what people do with the advice Marc gives them?  This week’s guest Paul Fontanelli was in the planning stages of his Bolder Adventure Park when he appeared as one of the first guests on the show.  His business is an ambitious indoor venue out of Grand Prairie, Texas, which seeks to bring together everything from rock climbing to ice-skating under one massive roof.

He had questions not just about launching the business, but also about the tricky work-life balance that comes with being an entrepreneur and still trying to spend precious hours with your kids.

Did Paul take Marc’s advice? Did he ignore it?   What does he need help with now? Listen in to find out…

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