Episode 57

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Strategies for Selling to the Higher Education Industry

June 28, 2022 • 29 min

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There are few industries more resistant to disruption than education… But despite the odds, this week’s guest Benny Boas seems to be making some headway.

He’s the founder of Upright Education, a bootcamp-style program aimed at helping adult learners rapidly re-skill in tech. The course is intended to be white-labeled at colleges. But while the program runs at a fast pace, the company’s growth isn’t… The market changes so fast, shouldn’t it be self-evident to higher education institutions that the workforce needs to be able to re-skill just as fast?

What could he be doing better to try to get colleges and learners on board?

Dive into this episode to hear actionable tips for sales and marketing strategies that will help you tackle even the most resistant of industries.

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