Episode 71

Is Pre-Revenue Funding a Pipe Dream?

Strategies for Persuading Investors to Pony up the Cash.

October 18, 2022 • 33 min

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Many great entrepreneurial ideas were spawned in response to the pandemic.  For this week’s guest Kyle it all began with him wondering how he could recreate the in-person feeling of reading bedtime stories to his child in Canada when he was stuck in Texas while the borders were shut.  He also worried about how he could stop kids like his from falling behind.  His solution is the Edsoma app.

So far everyone loves it – Shaquile O’Neill even just joined his advisory board!  But he is struggling to translate enthusiastic investor meetings into cash commitments.  Is it just because he’s pre-revenue or does he need to dig into other areas?

Listen in for an episode packed with actionable tips for jumping those funding meeting hurdles…

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