Episode 62

Resurrecting the Great American Movie Drive-In with an Urban Twist – Feat. Special Guest Mitch Lowe

Strategies for Breaking Through Legacy Mindsets so Your Start-Up can Scale

August 2, 2022 • 26 min

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Ben is stuck.  He’s the founder of outdoor pop-up concept WEDriveIns, which repurposes disused urban parking lots as drive-in movie theaters. City officials have been gratifyingly swift to support the project which provides Covid safe entertainment and brings customers to shopping areas.  It all looks so promising… So why can’t Ben scale?

Well, he needs the permission of the movie studios to use the technology to get him there.  And, they ain’t budging.

This mindset reminds Marc of the early Netflix days and so he calls on the expertise of his “jungle guide” Mitch Lowe who not only helped overcome similar issues as co-founding executive of Netflix but went on to disrupt the industry as CEO of MoviePass and President of Redbox.    Can Marc and Mitch help Ben break through the analogue approach?

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