Episode 58

Success is in Sight – Now What?

This Local Pub Quiz has Global Ambition… But What Will it Take to Scale the Team?

July 5, 2022 • 41 min

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When bars and pubs across the world closed during the pandemic, so did their game nights… For this week’s guest Mark Walsh it was a heart-stopping moment as British pub quizzes were his business. He immediately set to work reimagining this unique style of trivia entertainment for remote times by creating his Kwizzbit app.

The growth has been so fast that his lean team has been working to redevelop the platform to be able to host up to 100,000 players at a time. But Mark’s been struggling to meet the demands on his time.  Can he scale himself? And how should he approach scaling his team? Listen in for tips on growing your business as it begins to move past its fledgling stage and the metrics for making the tough decisions that come with success.

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