Episode 65

The Wedding Industry is Worth Billions – What Could a Break-Up Industry be Worth?

Use Those Tears to Build Your Business

September 6, 2022 • 38 min

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Natasha’s dream wedding went up in flames just before the big day.  As she picked up the pieces of the breakdown of her nine year relationship, she had a realization: she was in way more need of all those items from her gift registry now than she had ever been when she and her fiancé were still together.   As she moved back into her parents’ basement she had a lightbulb moment – there was a whole potential industry that could be created to help people like her get back on their feet after a break up.  And so she founded MyBreakUpRegistry.com.

Through hard work and social media savvy, Natasha’s got the site to a solid user base.  But to go big she needs to figure out how to infiltrate a market that doesn’t really exist yet.  Listen as Marc suggests strategies to implement when creating a new industry is your business model.  Can he help MyBreakUpRegistry find its happily ever after?   Listen in and find out…

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