Episode 56

When your Biggest Competitor is Inertia

A Business That Improves Government? It Sounds Like an Oxymoron

June 21, 2022 • 30 min

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City red tape seems so baked into American life, that it stopped being a problem people even bothered trying to solve. But when Covid hit, it forced the opportunity for change. Businesses – especially restaurants – faced fast changing regulations and had to be able to get the new permits they needed to operate at speed, or face going under. No business, means no city tax and the city itself facing a funding shortfall.

This presented the opening for this week’s guest Catherine Geanuracos to move forward her Los Angeles based company CityGrows, which streamlines the permitting process.

This no-code, low-cost, subscription-based site requires little to no training, doing away with reams of paper and clunky, time consuming waits at the counter.

So surely cities everywhere should be racing to sign up?

Well… that next part is tricky… Listen in as Marc helps Catherine figure out how her red-tape cutting business can cut through the red tape itself.

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