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Episode 72

Is it a Culture Problem or a Hiring Problem?

How to Weigh What’s Holding You Back When You Need to Scale Fast

October 25, 2022 • 38 min

Episode 67

Let Go to Grow

Can you Make Seven Figures With Just one Employee?

September 20, 2022 • 33 min

Episode 64

Did it Work? Catch Up Special: Bolder Adventure Park

Find out what Founders do with the Advice they get and What new Questions Arise as a Business Evolves

August 16, 2022 • 23 min

Episode 61

The Six Month Work Year

Is it Possible to Create a Company Culture That Does not Depend on you?

July 26, 2022 • 32 min

Episode 58

Success is in Sight – Now What?

This Local Pub Quiz has Global Ambition… But What Will it Take to Scale the Team?

July 5, 2022 • 41 min

Episode 55

How to let go When You’re the Founding CEO

When and How to Hire

June 14, 2022 • 30 min

Episode 52

Start-Up Stress Special: Mental Health for Founders

How do I Know if it’s Time to Quit?

May 31, 2022 • 46 min

Episode 46

Can you Create a Repeatable, Scalable Business When Your Business is You?

Could this be the Dry Bar of Headshots?

April 19, 2022 • 31 min

Episode 44

Could This be the World’s Youngest Start-up?

How to foster entrepreneurship at the youngest level.

April 4, 2022 • 22 min


A brilliant new podcast from a business legend

Marc is new to podcasting. But he is not new to business. This podcast isn’t for everyone. He didn’t create it for everyone. But if you are an entrepreneur looking for ideas on how to get your new adventure off the ground...or just a business owner looking for new ways to add spark to your need to listen to this podcast. It’s short, perfect for your morning commute, and the perfect way to start a day. Thanks for doing this Marc!

Episode 41

Super Coffee: How to Scale Culture in a Family Business

You’re the Founder – Big Bro is the CEO.

March 15, 2022 • 30 min

Episode 33

Life After Launch

What Happens After You Launch a Successful New Business?

January 18, 2022 • 32 min

Episode 31

If The Shoe Fits, Sell It

Origin Story Alone Won’t Move Units

January 4, 2022 • 30 min

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